How much I've made selling ebooks and videos

It's been almost a year since I've had a product for sale. I'm making money. It's pretty great.

  • Angular resources worth your time

    While preparing the curriculum for my training course on Angular I read anything and everything I could get my hands on. Here's a list of the best stuff

  • The Infamous Angular Learning Curve

    Angular is an extremely powerful tool for creating client-side applications .. that is, if you can figure out how to use it.

  • flexbox in the real world

    Flexbox is awesome, but is it possible to use flexbox and still support IE8? If you follow these guidelines, you can start using flexbox today.

  • Get Going with Grunt

    The Grunt Getting Started guide seems to be missing a few steps, or at the very least assumes a lot. Here's a quick start guide with a few more details.

  • 3,111 email addresses and $15,798: The story of my first successful product

    Do you have a giant list of side projects and startup ideas that have garnered zero interest and made zero dollars? Me too! But with a successful product finally under my belt, my story can help you skip a few painful steps in the process.

  • clean, modular code is overrated

    The experts say your HTML and CSS should be clean, semantic, readable, and modular. But how much does it really matter? Maybe less than you think.

  • Git for Humans: How to Get Started with Git in Your Agency Today

    The biggest hurdle you will face when using Git in your agency is Git itself.

  • Flexbox First

    CSS sucks at layout — no more! The Flexbox spec is finally stable, but browser support isn't there yet. Damn. But wait...what if you used it anyway?

  • An Interview with Sacha Greif

    I'm doing a few video interviews for Sketching with CSS. Sacha Greif was kind enough to help me out. Learn how he became a web designer, the history of flat design and a few tips for learning web development.

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