Signs you've over-engineered your web application.

The web is sprouting new frameworks or Javascript flavors weekly. It seems like the right thing to do is try to keep up and always use the latest. The problem is much of this technology wasn't designed for regular web applications.

Want to pare everything down to only what you need so you can add features more quickly and keep bugs to a minimum? Or maybe you're just starting and want to make sure you make the right choices?

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I'm available for custom, on site training on most topics related to Javascript or frontend development.


I occasionally take on a few coaching clients who are interested in leveling up their career as a frontend developer. In addition to a longer, initial meeting clients meet with me weekly on a video chat and can email me any time. If this sounds interesting to you, send me an email. The cost is $500/month.

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My email is and you can also find me on twitter.

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    Hey there, I'm Sean.

    I'm probably a lot like you. I make stuff for the web. I have a CS degree, but the last 11 years of my career have been a more potent teacher.

    Sean Fioritto

    Recently, I wrote a book on web development called Sketching with CSS. I also run a training company for developers. I'm an author in Smashing Magazine and I've written some cool open source projects.

    Today, I'm an entrepreneur. In the not so distant past I did the usual 9-5 thing doing web development for a couple of big companies.

    I'd love to meet you on Twitter.

    You can also email me: [email protected]