⃪ About These Notes

Product Developers

Product Developers see code as a means to an end and are motivated by customer outcomes.

They love knocking out a rapid prototype. They can get up to speed on a new tech stack quickly and with just enough familiarity to get something done. They accept more mess in code and adapt easily to wild changes in requirements. They want to talk to customers.

When handed a feature to implement a Product Developer asks “Why do they even want this feature? I wish I knew more about what they were trying to solve here so I could feel more confident that the work I'm about to do will be valuable! Why didn't I get to talk to the users myself before someone decided this is what we should do?”

When wrapping up work on a feature a Product Developer might think, “Oh, I should clean this up but I'd rather move on to the next feature.”

Product Developers will look for a new job if they find themselves spending most of their time writing polished, “clean” code for features that nobody uses.