Write CSS as fast as you can sketch

(A course on rapid prototyping in the browser for web designers)

"Designing in the browser" is really hard. Seriously.

It's one thing to know how to build a website, it's another thing entirely to sit down and design a website while writing code.

It's impossible to keep your mind thinking about the design when every few minutes you're diving into the docs for whatever grid system you decided to use.

You can't be creative ...

... AND worry about performance

... AND write maintainable code

... AND worry about cross-browser compatibility.

It's not possible and it's not even a good idea.

There's no such thing as a Unicorn.

You can't be both an expert designer and an expert developer. Both fields are too vast.

So "designing in the browser" is out of reach for mere mortals, right?


You don't have to be a Jedi master at front-end dev to be amazingly fast at creating prototypes!

The skills you need for rapid prototyping are only a teeny, tiny subset of the much, much bigger front-end developer pie.

mmmmmmmm... pie.

In this free class you will learn:

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    "You have no clue how much time you've saved me trying to figure this stuff out.” — Antonio Moton

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