Over 24,000 different cellphones and tablets and iDevices run a web browser ...

And your responsive design has to look great on all of them.

You can't create a Photoshop comp for every possible screen your design will run on. So what tool do you use? How do you work with developers?

If you talk to your local, bearded web design guru he'll tell you the problem is solved if you design in the browser.

Easier said than done.

CSS was made for developers not designers, and it shows.

You are so much faster at creating designs in Photoshop or Sketch. When you sit down to write code AND design, it feels like you need two separate brains.

Is designing in the browser even possible for you?

Do you have to be a magical Unicorn to write CSS as quickly as you design in Photoshop?

NOPE! Magical Unicorn skills are not required.

When you're in Photoshop or sketch, you get the layout you want with a click-and-drag of the mouse. In the browser you need floats and position: absolute; margin-left: -9999px; and other yuckiness.

But have you heard of flexbox? Do you know how to create and use a grid?

With the right approach these tools massively simplify getting your layout right with CSS.

The tools developers use to speed up programming can be used by designers to speed up prototyping in the browser — but you have to pick and choose only the pieces that are useful to you as a designer.

That's why this free course is made for YOU, and not for developers.

In this course you will learn:

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    "You have no clue how much time you've saved me trying to figure this stuff out.” — Antonio Moton

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