Sketching with CSS 50% off and all sales go to charity for 24 hours

It's been a crazy week and if you're like me you're exhausted, tired, sad, angry and anxious. It feels like there's nothing we can do, these events are outside of our control.

Yesterday I took Beth and Isaac to a busy intersection in our neighborhood and we stood there and held signs with a positive message of support for the immigrants in our neighborhood. Of course you may not agree with us, and that's fine, but in my community this was a positive and happy message for people who are scared. It felt good to bring a few smiles into people's day.

So today I want to give everyone a chance to do something warm-hearted and compassionate. All sales for the next 24 hours will go to the Against Malaria Foundation which is GiveWell's top pick. It's the most politically neutral charity I could think of because I want everyone to feel comfortable participating. Malaria is one of the leading killers of children in Africa and a simple insecticide-treated net can prevent it.

That's it. Buy Sketching with CSS in the next 24 hours and save the life of a child and maybe feel a little better about being human.

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