An Interview with Sacha Greif

A few days ago I completed an interview with Sacha Greif which I thought I would share with you. (Apologies for the sound. I'm getting better equipment for future interviews.)

A quick summary

  • How he came to call himself a web designer
  • Using PSD's to control scope creep
  • Tradeoffs. The challenge of being creative while writing code
  • How starting with content and designing in the browser has sped up his workflow
  • Design in the browser or use Photoshop? It depends.
  • History of Flat Design, how flat design could be a reaction to the new reality of multiple screen sizes.
  • The tools of web design, use the best tools for the job and always move forward
  • Work on interesting projects to learn new tools.
  • Now is the best time to learn web development.

Links to go with the interview:

This is just one of many interviews I'm doing for the book including Chris Coyier, Nick Disabato, Nathan Barry, Jen Myers and more.

The book is firmly in progress and I'm still on target for launching on 9/25.

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