Flexible Triangles with CSS

I needed triangles

I needed some flexible triangles for a design element on a landing page for my latest project. I looked at a few different methods but none of them looked quite look right. Gradients ended up with jagged edges, borders weren't flexible, etc. This technique uses a unicode triangle character and then uses CSS3 transforms and viewport sized typography to scale it to the size I wanted.

The benefit of this technique is that for browsers that render fonts well this triangle has a very smooth edge. Plus I got a little geeky pleasure out of hacking a unicode character to be a design element.

The code

\n\n div.triangle {\n text-align: center;\n max-width: 100%;\n width: 100%;\n padding: 0;\n margin: 0;\n }\n\n div.triangle span {\n color: white;\n font-size: 8vw;\n display: inline-block;\n line-height: 70%;\n -webkit-transform: scaleX(18);\n transform: scaleX(18);\n background-color: #333333;\n }' b'
<div class="triangle dark animate"><span class="triangle">\xe2\x96\xbc</span></div>\n

What it looks like


Viewport units are not well supported, but neither are gradients. It doesn't look that great on Windows browsers/machines, but it looks great on every Mac I've tested it on.

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